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Eagles Wings of Grace, Intl

Spring Fundraiser
Eagles Wings of Grace

Eagles Wings of Grace’s existence and longevity demonstrates a commodity that is scarce and greatly needed in our community.  Women in our community are desperate to move out of their financial environment, but no means except to stay in the governmental assistance system.  Eagles Wings of Grace provides, free of charge, programs, assistance, and hope to make a change in their lives.  There are very few, if any, entities in Tucson that are available to assist in this capacity, hence the 70 governmental and local agencies that send their clients to us.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, with experiences and knowledge that assist every and all of our clients.  We have professional retail sales personnel that can show our clients how to properly dress for an interview.   Other volunteers teach basic financial management to teach about managing their newly earned money; health classes to teach how to take care of their body; and bible study to teach how to take care of their spirit.

Our vision is for every woman to experience the qualities of life that comes from achieving economic freedom.


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